Friday, August 1, 2008

Tires Tires Tires

Yes probably one of the most important safety items for truck campers are you tires. We always suggest that all of our customers check their tires before getting a truck camper. Why you may ask? Well putting a truck camper on your truck dramatically increases the weight of your vehicle. The last thing you want is to have a blow out at high speed with a truck camper. This means you need good quality tires in GOOD condition with proper load ratings.

The load range or ply rating branded on a tire's sidewall helps identify its strength and ability to contain air pressure. The more ply’s you have the larger the load rating of your tire. We recommend a load rating of “E” or higher. E load rated tires are a 10 ply tire. Again the more the better. You need to review the specific tire / brand on your truck to determine the load rating. You should then multiple the load rating of your tire times 4 (number of tires on your truck). So for example, if your tire has a load rating of 2750 x 4 = 11,000 lbs would be the maximum your total combined weight of your truck camper, truck and supplies can weigh.

Speaking of tires, you must check your air pressure of your tires before any camping trip. This is an important safety check. It is also good common sense as properly inflated tire provide better gas mileage. Finally, drive within the speed limit! Many tire manufactures have limits on speed and heavy load. DRIVE SAFE and you will be safe.

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